Meat-industrial scales

Small scales

MP-MC type

Certified, waterproof and acid-resistant scale recommended mainly for food-industrial ( meat industry, dairy) environments.

Pallet scales


This certified scale with all parts made of stainless steel is recommended for weighing of bigger goods even in wet, moist environment.


Acid-resistant food-industrial scale recommended mainly for weighing goods on pallets which are transported by hand cart or lift truck. Suitable as a certified scale when installed on a level surface with the p...


Recommended for certified weighing of goods transported by hand cart in meat and dairy factories, etc. - with 1 or 2 ramps.

Hook scales


Certified scale with built-in hook mainly for weighing larger cuts of meat. Goods in crates can be weighed on the fold-away platform, which forms an integrated part of the same scale. Acid-resistant.

Meat rail scales


Certified scale for slaughterhouse technologies. Suitable for weighing meat on gambrels travelling on overhead tracks, for flat or tubular rails. An acid-resistant scale ideal for damp and wet environments. Mou...